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The Waters of Chaos: Combined Edition

The Waters of Chaos is a science mystery tackling the greatest puzzle of them all: How did human society evolve from the Ice Ages to today? In other words, how did we humans get to be so smart?


It’s an unconventional romp through science covering vast spans of time.  The Waters of Chaos consists of two books sold separately or strategically combined.  Both stories invoke Egyptian mythology and universal flood myths to connect science and lore.  The modern book proposes new and radically different theories, while the ancient book illustrates how those theories would have worked in the real world. 


Mystery, high-tech adventure, low-tech adventure, action, romance, sunken pyramids holding the Secrets of the Ages; The Waters of Chaos has them all.

The Waters of Chaos: The Modern Quest

The Waters of Chaos: the Modern Quest follows twin brothers Jared and Rick Caisson as they search for a lost civilization beneath the sea, employing the most advanced technologies available.  


Share Jared’s initial excitement as he realizes that sea level already has risen a striking 400 feet in the past 20,000 years.  Join the two brothers as they speculate on what those rising waters may have covered.  


Follow them as they travel the world in search of evidence in libraries, museums, palaces, and pyramids that will reveal what is missing.  Check out their evidence, and you’ll find that almost all of it is true and convincing enough to challenge conventional wisdom.


Meanwhile, the two brothers meet head-on the hidebound resistance of fellow scientists, and indulge in some real world adventures of their own.  Read the authors' bios, and you’ll find they have personally explored almost every location in the book.


The Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga

The Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga brings to life a cast of heroic characters living in that long ago time and coping with the global catastrophe of sea level rise.  


A close-nit clutch of youngsters grow up 10,700 years ago in a surprisingly advanced world facing certain disaster. Young Osir and his pals start as boys and grow to men in a pre-Egyptian culture that demands much of its Chosen Ones.  


Join them on the Sacred Pyramid as they learn the Secrets of the Ages passed down since the dawn of humankind.  Go with them as they travel the world in their own scientific quest to understand the unfolding disaster.  Watch Osir and Bera fall in love and ultimately lead the exodus of their people from the flooded coast to refuge above.

The Waters of Chaos World

From Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga

From Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga

From Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga

From Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga

From Waters of Chaos: The Ancient Saga

From Waters of Chaos: The Modern Quest

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